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We provide raw materials from natural sea shells
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Our Products

We provide raw materials from natural sea shells, we can also process them into semi-finished materials such as polished or cut according to our customers’ requests.

Currently, we focus on three main products

Natural Pearl Skin

The Pearl or Pinctada Maxima shells that we have are of the best quality from 15-20 cm in size with a bright white color and luminous, and a little gold on the lips of the shell. It is suitable to be combined with wood carving and decoration or for other handicraft needs. Potential 5-10 tons per month.

Abalone Shell

Abalone or Haliotis sp.
The Sulawesi archipelago also has a rich seven-eye abalone shells. We provide the precious quality for various needs. Potential 3-5 tons per month.

Mabe Shell

Mabe Scallops or Pinctada Margaritifera.
One type of shellfish that has a huge potential in sulawesi waters specifically, and even in almost all Indonesian waters generally. We provide the best quality such as white, partly golden, luminous, and has a fairly affordable price. Potential 10-20 Tons per month.

Carvings Shell

We serve for carvings shell

cutting shell

We serve cutting shell or by request